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6月6日に開設されたIngress Community Forums(フォーラム)で、6月12日に行われたNianticのIngressグローバルコミュニティマネージャーのアンドリュー・クルーグさんによる質問コーナー「アスク・ミー・エニシング」(AMA)の回答が公開された。ここではその内の18個を選んで日本語訳をした。全ての質問と回答は以下に載っている(英語)。



Q: Tribalgeek - What's the general percentage difference between ENL and RES players?
A: It is roughly split pretty even. This includes our own staff as well. 




Q: RuinDig - Myriad and Umbra are start from APAC region then finalle are America. Is there any plan or can be Anomaly event (like as Myriad and Umbra, not like as Abaddon Prime) start from America then end at APAC regions?
A: We’ve actually talked about this very recently. I am supportive of it and think it is a great idea to rotate things or even have the regions have events on different weekends. I don’t think things will change for July or October. But perhaps in 2020. 




Q: NineBerry - What will happen to me 1331 days after I have recursed?
A: We will find out in time.





Q: DragonBallZeke - Will the Myriad anomaly sites have characters on-site?
A: No. We do not currently have any intel suggesting any persons of interest will be present at any event.





Q: Squamp - I heard the after party in Amsterdam was just great for everyone. Will we see this for the upcoming Myriad and Umbra anomalies, too?
A: Myriad and Umbra do not have primary locations so there will not be an official Niantic after party at any of those locations.





Q: quirischa - When can we expect Field Tests - a new series of experimental events? What will it be?
A: Our Events Team informs me that the first Field Test event will most likely be in September, with more information (including city application instructions) in July.



【以下の画像にある「NIA FIELD TESTS」がそれにあたる】


Q: King0fHearts - Will there be another Prime Ko Lan challenge seeing how it's a tear bage?
A: I’ve confirmed with our team that while Operation Ko Lan has concluded, there may be other Prime Challenges in the future. Not before 2020, however.




Q: Oxilium - After the Dark XM event and the end of the season 1 of the Ingress Anime, what kind of events Niantic will bring to us? Could you give us a little spoil about them?
A: Certainly! The goal is to have some sort of regular (monthly) events that are tied to the overall Nemesis sequence. We plan to announce the first of these very… soon.

質問8「Dark XMイベントとアニメ『イングレス』のシーズン1完結後、Nianticはどのようなイベントを開催する予定ですか?少し教えてもらえますか?」



Q: ModularModular - What is Niantic's timeline on getting anomaly series logos designed, and why is it often pushed so close to the event dates?
A: The Events Team understands the desire to have these early and they try to get these finalized as soon as possible. Sometimes other projects take priority and there are also strategic reasons, but we know that these are important to Agents for many reasons. As I understand it from further conversations, the events after Myriad should be ready sooner as the team is working to get ahead of things.




Q: M207A - Yay for AMA’s! Do you think the new forum will make them easier on you?
A: I need to get used to doing them on here. Unlike on G+ there isn’t a really easy way to dump all the questions that I’ve found -- yet. So it’s taken me a bit longer than I would have liked to process them. But now I know and I’m sure the next time it’ll go faster. I do like the fact we will have one central place for them that will be easily searchable.




Q: AstralDreamer1 - Will all Investigations materials and postings be moved from Reddit to here now?
A: As I understand it, that is the goal.




Q: LemoMcLemonFace - Suggestion, can we have a report button, with defined selectable reasons and a comment box, to aid in reporting blatant abuse, such as screenshots of streetview being submitted etc?
A: NIA OPS says, “Currently, you can report these by one-staring the candidate and choosing Abuse.”


回答12「NIA OPSによると『今は星1つの評価をして"誹謗"を選ぶように。』との事だ。」


Q: XQlusioN - What are Niantics (or your) thoughts on limiting Edits to higher level agents only?
A: In theory and in a perfect world, I think this is a bad idea. I don’t have to be level 16 to see that a Portal is in the wrong location. With that being said, there is a noticeable trend when it comes to Portal edit submissions. So this is currently under review. I cannot provide more details than that at this time.




Q: Patka07 - Good to hear from you again, how is your sojourner?
A: Sadly, I lost it on day 105 due to some personal reasons. It was a good run. Longer than I anticipated and I appreciated all the support.






Q: akrykm - I am a newbie investigator of ingress. Could you please tell me whether there will be a niantic file volume V?
A: At this time, there are no plans for a volume five. 




Q: iooryz - Hi Andrew, thanks for the time you're investing in the ama, and thanks a lot for your time in Amsterdam! How are you? I'm under the impression that it was your first Dutch or even European anomaly. I really enjoyed the xf afterparty and basecamp,but I'm curious how you experienced this anomaly?
A: I am great. Thank you for asking. I too enjoyed the after party very much. That was the second time I visited the Netherlands. I was there for the Deventer Mission Day and spent some time in Amsterdam before and after. It feels odd to admit, but yes, that was my first European Anomaly experience. Overall, I think the event was an amazing success. I did not get a chance to play in the Amsterdam Anomaly due to logistics. But I was impressed with the factions, their organization, and how they communicated everything to the players. I loved the fact that there was so much cross-faction love and people stayed very late, mingled and talked into the early hours of the morning. I will not forget that experience any time soon.




Q: Ratoo - while I always find most if not all NIA developers and community communicators friendly and helpful, sometimes things didn't go so well. Do you feel it has something to you're understaffed, and does it limit your potential to fully deploy ideas and features?
A: Ingress players are not shy about sharing their opinions. I don’t think you need to directly communicate with a Niantic employee to ensure your position is heard. Even if we don’t comment on everything, we read the majority of the posts on the forums, Reddit, and social media.
Our Community Managers are also human beings. They are going to have good days and they are going to have bad days. Ingress players are also human beings and are very passionate about Ingress. As a result, most of the feedback our Community Managers receive on a daily basis comes from a well intentioned place. But the feedback is often more negative in tone then positive. All of the Community Managers are also players. So they understand the frustrations Agents experience -- they experience it too.
Communication is a tricky thing that can be further complicated by people using a common language that is not either person’s native language (usually English). So, it doesn’t surprise me that things don't always go well. To expect that it would is just not reasonable. I don’t think things not going well is a common experience. I also don’t think players or community managers generally express themselves with the intention to hurt or offend the other person.
Also, where things tend to break down is when people come to a conversation with predetermined expectations of an output or result. That also isn’t reasonable. Provide constructive feedback. But don’t expect that every time you do, that change will occur as a result or a specific set of outcomes will happen. We all want the same thing and that is to make Ingress better. Keeping that in mind is important to successful communication. I don’t think the level of staffing is an issue for what we are trying to accomplish as a community team. 





Q: Oxilium - What is the status of the Vanguards? Some of them are doing an excellent work helping the community but some others have still a long way to do. Should we expect a refresh of the Vanguards?
A: I’m happy to hear that Vanguards are helping the community. But that is not their role or the intent of the program. The purpose of the Vanguards are to be a player advocacy group for Niantic. I suppose by doing that, they are helping the community. But I suspect you mean they are helping in other ways.
Niantic does not view Vanguards as community leaders. Although, I know several of them fill that role within their factions. Vanguards have no special influence of power over NIA OPS. They cannot review tickets, get someone banned by their word alone, or have any additional understanding of how tickets are adjudicated and processed that has not been made public by NIA OPS.
As a sounding board for Niantic and player advocacy group, they have done a tremendous job. Their feedback on a number of issues has been critical for us to make better informed decisions. They don’t always agree with our decisions and they don’t always agree amongst themselves. Which is fine. That’s exactly the purpose they serve. To present their various opinions on any number of topics.
I struggle with wanting more transparency with the program but also respecting their privacy and not wanting to put them in a position where they have a target on their back or have to defend themselves to people who don’t agree with them -- or like them. You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time. Ultimately, I’ve sided with being more conservative and less transparent. This strategy seems to enable a more free exchange of ideas and conversations while protecting their right to express themselves and their opinions how they feel comfortable with.
We will be expanding the Vanguard program in the next month and growing it from 24 Agents to 36 and potentially 48 the next year or two. The Vanguards also voted to have term limits so some of them will be rotating out at the end of the year in order to make way for new people. I look forward to what the future has in store for this program. So far, it’s been a great success.


Nianticは、ヴァンガードをコミュニティリーダーとはみなしていない。しかし、私は彼らの何人かが陣営の中でその役割を果たす事を知っているよ。ヴァンガードはNIA OPSに特別な影響力を持っているわけではなく、NIA OPSのようにイベントチケットを調べたり、自分の発言だけで誰かを禁止に処したり、チケットがどのように審査され、処理されるのかを知る事はできないよ。




Math is hard. Corrected the Vanguard expansion number. Originally it said 48. It was meant to be 36 now with the potential of growing to 48. More will coming in the next week or two about this.
出典:Posted on June 28th, 2019, by RedSoloCup at Ingress Community Forums: https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/comment/14369/#Comment_14369



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