Seize the day! チャンスをものにしよう

(オービックシーガルズ インターナショナルGM  ケビン・ジャクソン)

In my opinion, Eddy Koster summed it up best when describing the need for humans to continually challenge themselves. He lists three reasons why we all may want to keep challenging ourselves. He goes on to say that first, “Challenge brings pleasure and satisfaction.” Challenge can be a huge source of joy, happiness, and fulfillment. It’s also true that "Challenges bring about personal growth.” I have found that the moments that seem to present the most adversity are the very moments that are rife with opportunities to grow. “Every time you overcome a problem, you experience personal growth. Your confidence increases because you prove to yourself that you can overcome certain challenges. Your skills grow because you’ve worked on the edge.” Lastly, Koster states that a life without a challenge is one that is comfortable and predictable. Such a life can make one restless.”

I am pleased with what I see on the landscape for Japanese football. There are many opportunities not only within Japan, but the world is beginning to open up to Japanese players. People outside of Japan are beginning to take notice of the homegrown talent. Whether it be in the NFL’s International Pathway Program, the CFL’s Global Initiative, the Hula Bowl, and Europe’s ELF, Japanese players are being afforded opportunities to showcase what they can do to a global audience.


In my current role as International General Manager for the Obic Seagulls, and Director of Football Japan for the Hula Bowl I am reliving the football challenge, but on the other side of the fence. After all of these years I’ve come to realize that the challenge never ceases. There is always another challenge on the horizon. My playing days are over, but my playing experiences with the Green Bay Packers and the Obic Seagulls forced me to work on the edge and grow. Looking back on those experiences brings a certain joy, happiness, and fulfillment. Now, my focus is on creating opportunities for young players. I want players to have the same opportunities that I had coming up.


I encourage all of the players that are playing to think big. The world has gotten a lot smaller, and there are many more avenues for exposure. To our players Taku and Yamazaki begin their CFL career, I would just like to say that you were chosen for a reason. You belong. Take what is rightfully yours!  This is what you’ve been working towards. Don’t hold back!  The same can be said for all of the incoming players as well. The world is watching what you do out there on the field . There’s no telling who’s out there watching your film!

“The world is your oyster.” You can achieve anything you wish in life or go anywhere because you have the opportunity and ability to do so.

-Kevin Jackson
International General Manager




すべての現役選手に大きな考えを持ってほしい。世界は狭くなっているし、露出の手段も増えているのだ。CFLでのキャリアをスタートさせる私たちオービックシーガルズのタク(RB#29李 卓)とヤマサキ(K/P#12山﨑丈路)の両選手には、選ばれたのには理由があると言ってあげたい。ふさわしい選手なのだと。見合ったものをつかみ取れ! それはこれまでの努力の成果だ。決してひるむな! これからの選手たちにも同じことが言える。世界は君たちのフィールドでのプレーを見ている。君たちの動画を誰が見ているかわからないのだ。


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