Notice from our company

Since the beginning of this December, there have been intermittent posts in Japanese and English on social medias such as Note and Medium with suspicious documents insulting our company, our affiliated organizations, our business partners and myself.

The contents of these documents include a fake statement by me that Mr. Matsuda, an important partner of our company, is being investigated by the police, followed by a claim that I personally am untrustworthy. I would like to reiterate that they are all untrue.

We will take decisive and strict action against such malicious and unbelievable acts of fabrication and criticism of individuals and corporations.

In addition, it has already been confirmed that there have been several violations of laws and regulations, including a clear violation of copyright law in the form of taking a screenshot of the official website of a related organization and uploading it. If anyone who has violated these laws, please send us apologies as soon as possible.

Currently, we already cooperate with our business partners to urgently take all legal actions, including information disclosure requests and victim reports. We sincerely apologize for any worries this may cause to all concerned. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

ETA HOLDINGS CEO / JBLC Board Yasushi Kikuta

菊田靖(Yasushi Kikuta)個人の公式アカウント ETA HOLDINGS Managing Director/一般社団法人JBLC 理事。ブロックチェーン技術等について書いて参ります。Liberty Ecosystem 社の株式を40%保有する、もの言う株主。