The “dream matcha.” Born from patent-pending processing technology.

The “dream matcha.” Born from patent-pending processing technology.

After 10 years of research and trial and error, we have completed a matcha paste that makes you want to describe it as “dream matcha.” Born from patent-pending processing technology. This Uji matcha paste does not change the green color of matcha which comes from chlorophyll. It dissolves easily in both cold and hot water and can be made in your own bottle.

It is easy to carry when you go out and you can drink it anytime. We have developed this product with the desire to continue to preserve the beautiful global environment for future generations so you can refrain from purchasing Plastic bottles and reduce plastic waste.

This Uji matcha paste is made from matcha and water. The material is organically grown Uji matcha that is kind to nature and does not use pesticides. No synthetic colorants, natural pigments, yeasts, fragrances, preservatives or additives are ever used.

The lumps matcha powder are also eliminated, making it easy to mix with water. It does not discolor even when heated at high temperatures. You can also make matcha bread, matcha pancakes and butter cake. Drinks such as matcha latte are easy to make
are delicious and flavorful.







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