TOEIC challenge Day5


忙しいと note に何を残そうかとか考えたり、考察も重くなってくるので自分の備忘録になる部分だけ記載してもいいかな…と思ってくる今日この頃。


<Phrases and sentences>

Every customer whose membership at this supermarket in three years or more is entitled to receive a premium coupon at the counter.


→be entitled to 〜: 〜することができる


Sometime this evening.


→ sometime にこういう使い方があるのね…

It expires tomorrow.


→expire : 期限切れ

We were stuck in traffic.


Aren’t you supposed to be at the meeting right now?

Yes, I’m running late.


先日、苦手かも、と思った否定疑問文。何も考えずに not はないものだと思って解いていくのが良いとのこと。

Yes / no の自分自身の答えは揺るがない事実だから…という解説に、なるほどなーと思った。

He knows where the venue is.


→venue って初見だった…

Staff members working at the A company are able to leave work early provided that they receive permission from the Head of Department.

(A companyに勤める人たちは、部門の上司の許可があれば仕事を早く切り上げることができる。)

・provided that〜 〜ならば

Managers were satisfied with the new recuits progress since joining the company in this spring.


The organizers of this event developed strict rules about interruptions during symphony performances.


Ms. Anderson ran out of time , while delivering her presentation, meaning she could not take any questions from the audience.


→この meaning の意味がわからない…