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Before we talk about the fear of vaccines, I think it is more vital to talk about why we need vaccines in the first place.

From the latest reports
(1) People who have been infected with corona once can be infected with the mutant strain again in the same way as uninfected people [February 7], [January 31].
(2) The mutant strain already exists in Japan [February 2].
What do these mean?

After a year of perseverance and many infections and deaths, the country is still the same blank slate as it was a year ago, with a hundred million hosts with no resistance spread all over the place. The mutant strains are more infectious than ever, and the same efforts cannot be expected to provide the same protection.

If everyone does not get vaccinated, we will live the same life and repeat the same events as in the past year. Rather, the response to the call will fade over time, and we will likely build up a pile of infected people and deaths that is many times higher.
Moreover, the epidemic is likely to get out of control as natural selection pressures will allow the next highly infectious strain to emerge from the population pool of people with inadequate immunity to coronas, slipping past existing infections and vaccine immunity [February 2].

Fortunately, the vaccine we have now has some efficacy against mutant strains [January 13] [January 23] [February 7]. Being able to start administering the vaccine early in the epidemic of mutant strains means that, unlike a year ago, we can increase the number of people who are less susceptible to infection early on. Naturally, the higher the vaccination rate, the better, and if possible, it is considered necessary to have more than 80% of the target population vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity. The faster the vaccination, the smaller the host pool in which mutant strains can proliferate, and at the same time, the slower the spread of infection. It also reduces the possibility of new mutant strains appearing.

No more pandemics.

Many Thanks to you
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