Gmail not syncing problem solved

Gmail not syncing problem solved

Gmail not syncing is a general and frequent problem faced by users. Gmail not being able to sync with a mobile app could be because of many reasons some of them includes, glitches in the internet, involvement of third-party app, junk mails, and many others.
In this guide, we will be looking for all the possible reasons why Gmail syncing problem occurs and how to fix them.

Causes behind Gmail syncing problem

1. Improper Internet connection
2. Outdated Gmail app
3. Disable IMAP
4. Insufficient storage
5. Cache and Cookies
6. Wrong settings
7. Third-party app
8. Antivirus running along

How to resolve Gmail syncing problem

Fix internet Connection: while syncing your device to Gmail, make sure you are connected with a good internet connection.

Check your credentials: while logging into your Gmail account be sure that you are entering the correct credentials that you have registered during signup.

Update the app: If you are still hopping onto the outdated version of the Gmail app, you will find it difficult to process new features of Gmail. Therefore keep updating your Gmail app with the latest version timely.

Clear Gmail and device cache and cookies. Cleaning cache and cookies from Gmail will glitch with apps.
Settings>Storage>apps and Notification>Gmail>clear cache

Enable IMAP: IMAP provides a progressive platform to uplift sync in the process, therefore make sure you have switch the configuration settings from POP to IMAP and have enabled IMAP for the proper syncing process of Gmail with any of your devices you want to.

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