Facebook is not responding

Facebook is not responding

Facebook, as we all know, is a famous social platform to connect with our friends and families with about 290 million users. So we get frustrated when we see the message ‘Facebook not responding’ on our device. Sometimes, pictures in your FB app will not load, so in times like that, we will have to Fix Facebook not loading. When you face some sort of issue either while using it on the app or on the browser, here are a few steps for you to fix it.
What to do?
Check whether your Facebook app in your device is fully updated. If you are not using the latest version of your app then there is a chance for creating bugs so keep your app up to date.
In case of storage issues also you may end up being not able to use the app. To avoid this, you can delete all the unnecessary things from your device. Remove unwanted photos, videos or any apps that are not needed for you.
For android users clear the cache from time to time or else these issues may arise again even later. If you are an iOS user, then it will be cleared automatically.
Sometimes, facebook will not be able to load even because of internet connection issues. So check whether you are having a stable good network connection.
From your facebook app, log out and then restart the phone. After it gets restarted, log in again; sometimes this can fix any kind of error.
If you are using a browser, you can try to log in from another browser.

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