BVA, 磐樹炙弦
Didgeridoo Magick

Didgeridoo Magick

BVA, 磐樹炙弦

1.Give a name for your didgeridoo, or ask didgeridoo to reveal its name. It can be sigilized and curved if your didgeridoo permit.

2.Make daily offering of sweets, scents or liquors for your didgeridoo.

3.Each time before you blow the didgeridoo for magical purpose, make sure cleaning up your mouth and moistened with pure water or liquor.

4.Blow 3 longtones as an opening prayer, then blow freely with intensly focusing to your magical will and visualize that is achieved, listen to what didgeridoo speaks in trance state. Close the ritual with 3 longtones again.

5.Write in your dairy with date, purpose, vision or feeling you received. Keep blank for adding result later.






Poetic Sorcery Issue I-XII

BVA, 磐樹炙弦
Bangi Vanz Abdul / Future Occultist / 極論家 / 東京リチュアル / 惑星詩人協会 /