How to buy the ticket of live stream

How to buy the ticket of live stream


1. Click link to buy tickets 👉 scroll pics for english instructions:

2. Sign up or log in to Twitcast with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc...

3. Click the purchase link as circled

4.check the left side box of " agree to the privacy policy" and click" Confirm purchase and pay"

5. International payments by debit/credit card only (as circled)

6. On the payment portal page you can switch language to ‘english’

7.Screen ”Thank you for your payment”is displayed.The purchase is complete.
you will receive email from twit casting.
and also you can check the content.

8.when you want to check your content, click "Official store."

9.Click "Purchase history" "Viewing page"

If you miss the live broadcast, the link remains viewablefor two weeks from the day!!! PLEASE ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!

wow!! sooo young!!!!!!! we are!!!!!